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one of the best cpu heatsink in Universe

"Blackhole1"  Air Copper Heatsink

Size Drawing

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Worldwide distributors wanted !  

(contact us for distributor's price)

Retail Price:

USD33.00 (With Fan Model)

USD30.00 (Without Fan Model)

Shipping: To be quoted according to your location seperately

Original made & Design : Hong KOng


Product specification:

Net heatsink wt: 385 GM

Total wt with fan: 456 gm

heatsink material: pure copper

net Heatsink dimension: 60 x 60 x 25 mm

total dimension with fan: 60 x 60 x 50 mm

fan speed: 6000 rpm

max air flow: 20.87 cfm

fan voltage: 12V

fan noise: 29.8 DB

for cpu type: Athlon , Duron

How to order:

           Since we are a web-based company ,We accept email order

           only ,please mention "The product" in your email or ask us

           for the nearest distributors.

Link to "Fluxus" water cooling system

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Last Modified : 2014/05/15